Is mediation upsetting?

Inevitably there is often a certain level of distress however low it may be. It is the Mediator’s aim to take as much stress as possible out of the process and to handle matters with sensitivity. If the relationship between the parties is so bad that they cannot be in the same room as each other, […]

What if one of us walks out?

Sometimes clients do walk out of a session and when they do it is often without warning. They are free to do this at any time and no-one will stop them. When this happens generally they stay near the premises and need time to recover. The mediator will do their best to help them recover […]

What happens if there has been domestic abuse between us?

This does not prevent mediation from taking place successfully. It all depends on the nature of the conduct and its effect on the client(s). The Mediator will make appropriate arrangements so that both parties feel safe to mediate.

How do we get started?

When one party has made initial contact, whether by phone or by e-mail, the mediator will usually expect to speak with the second party to invite him/her to come to mediation. Assuming that both parties are willing to try mediation the Mediator will arrange to see the clients, initially seeing each party on a one […]

How successful is mediation?

We find that around 80% of cases resolve in a way that is mutually acceptable to the parties.

What if I qualify for legal aid?

We can grant legal aid to those who qualify, but only at our rooms in Sutton.

How does mediation work?

Each client has an assessment for suitability for mediation on a one-to-one basis with the Mediator If the client is willing to mediate after the assessment, he/she signs an ‘agreement to mediate’ which sets out the boundaries of the relationship between the Mediators and the participants, their duties to each other and what they can […]

How long does mediation take?

This depends to a significant extent on the clients who decide on when they will next meet and for what purpose in conjunction with the Mediator at the end of each session As a general rule, clients can expect to see the mediator between 2 and 3 times and the process may take weeks or months. […]

What are the outcomes?

When mediation is successfully resolved, the clients decide, with the help of any legal advisors who are consulted, what the next steps may be.

What does mediation cost?

Mediators try to give clients an assessment of the likely cost as they progress through the process and the scope of the work needed to be done becomes clearer.