We provide a professional cost and time effective service to help people resolve Financial and Child arrangement issues as a result of relationship breakdown.

Family Mediation is a process in which an impartial third person, the Mediator, facilitates those involved in family breakdown to make arrangements in relation to children, money, property and the practical ending of relationships following the breakdown of marriages, unmarried relationships, same sex relationships and relationships involving the wider family.
Mediation can be started before parties at any point before, during a divorce and proceedings in relation to children and financial issues and after any court order has been made.
Normally the mediation process involves just the clients and the Mediator. However mediation can involve members of a family other than a couple and even former partners or new partners may be involved.
Solicitors can play an important role in mediation. Generally they are not present at sessions. However, clients do need advice from time to time during the mediation process.
Mediators try to give clients an assessment of the likely cost as they progress through the process and the scope of the work needed to be done becomes clearer.
When mediation is successfully resolved, the clients decide, with the help of any legal advisors who are consulted, what the next steps may be.