All child arrangements agreed in one session! Thank you – worth every penny, communication feels easier and we have been able to co-parent more effectively

C - Raynes Park

I appreciated how the Mediator listened to each of us. I was concerned at the start about feeling that my husband knew everything and I knew very little, but the Mediator was very careful to ensure that I was fully informed as we went along. She gave us very helpful legal and financial information without compromising her impartiality or giving advice. I really found it a very enabling process and we reached a full set of agreements on all of the money issues, including what would happen with the properties and maintenance. I’m relieved that I had such a supportive Solicitor who recommended this firm to me

Ms JB of Wimbledon - Jan 2019

Divorce is very painful and difficult to cope with, and very expensive as well when you have to use solicitors. I didn’t know what to expect from mediation, but the mediator was very understanding about my situation and knowledgeable about the law and processes involved. It is certainly so much more cost effective to use a mediator for as much of the divorce process as possible.

Mr S of Fulham

I appreciated all the help and guidance Elsbeth gave us throughout the process of mediation. Both of us felt it was unlikely to work because our positions were so far apart, however with her skill and impartiality we reached an agreement we were both comfortable with. I would strongly urge anyone in our situation to at least give one meeting a try!

Jonathan SW19