Worth every penny!


I am a Solicitor myself, I never thought I would be in this position, it’s usually me on the other side of the table. We had several properties to sort out, and some complex pensions. Elsbeth demonstrated impartiality throughout, she was very knowledgeable and balanced. My wife was concerned because she felt I knew so much more than she did, but Elsbeth helped her to understand things as we went along and enabled her to feel as engaged as I was in making the decisions. The process saved us a lot of money, and most importantly kept us out of court. My wife’s Solicitor felt the outcome was as fair as we both thought it was, and this I am sure was thanks to Elsbeths’ expertise.


Excellent value for money, I would highly recommend the process of mediation. The Mediator managed the sessions well, giving us all the information we both felt we needed. I don’t know how she managed to stay so calm and objective with us, I couldn’t do the job! Thanks very much

J Springer

I found Elsbeth very professional. I thought she handled our issues and our dynamic well, she helped me to have the confidence to speak and have a voice, prior to that I felt I had no say in what was going on. She was very clear in how she presented the options, which helped me so much because before that it seemed to be there were none! My husband thought it wouldn’t work, but it did!

Mrs S

Thank you for remaining impartial throughout our sessions, both of us felt we finally saw light at the end of what has been a rather anxious tunnel. I feel confident that we have arrived at a Financial Settlement that is fair given all the complexities of our circumstances. Thank you for bearing with us and providing clarity and guidance. I would strongly recommend you to my colleagues and friends

D of Wimbledon Village - May 2019

All child arrangements agreed in one session! Thank you – worth every penny, communication feels easier and we have been able to co-parent more effectively

C - Raynes Park